The Williamson Brothers

Label:Flatt Mountain FMR 0004
Release Date:2014-11-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-09
County Sales:#324

Song Information:

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1. First step of the journey3:30
2. I miss my dear mother and dad3:55
3. Over in the sky2:30
4. Thunderclouds of love3:08
5. John Hardy3:45
6. When it's lamplighting time in the valley3:35
7. The wreck of the Old 973:52
8. I live in the past3:09
9. When the angels carry me home3:07
10. Song for Jimmy Campbell4:41
11. Don't let your sweet love die2:48
12. Lonesome road blues3:34
13. Green grow the lilacs3:46