The legacy continues

Nathan Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys

Label:No label NSE 007
Release Date:2013-05-03
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-09
County Sales:#327

Song Information:

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14. Calling my children home3:10
13. Rambling letters3:47
12. Stanley melody2:49
11. For all the love I had is gone2:56
10. Golden years3:40
9. Love of the mountains2:45
8. Tears of a friend3:47
7. Let me rest at the end of my journey2:08
6. Will you miss me when I'm gone4:08
5. Papaw I love you2:55
4. Nobody's love is like mine2:18
3. Casualty of war4:27
2. Meet me by the moonlight2:45
1. Are you missing me?3:22