Arthel's guitar

Jack Lawrence

Label:Little King GRR 1003
Release Date:2013-04-15
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2013-10
County Sales:#325

Song Information:

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1. Lover of the bayou3:42
2. Tough luck man2:27
3. Arthel's guitar3:43
4. Kinfolks in Carolina2:26
5. The whole world round3:23
6. Goodbye Liza Jane3:32
7. You're no longer a sweetheart of mine3:41
8. Red rocking chair3:24
9. Fiddlefoot3:31
10. Walking down the line2:56
11. House carpenter4:39
12. I know what it means to be lonesome3:35
13. St. Anne's reel / Whistling Rufus2:13
14. Ten miles to Deep Gap2:32