The definitive Doc Watson

Doc Watson

Label:Sugar Hill SUG 4097
Release Date:2013
Country:United States
County Sales:#325

Song Information:

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B-12. Greenville Trestle high
B-11. Bright sunny South
B-10. Slidin' delta
B-9. Watson's blues
B-8. Shady Grove
B-7. Omie Wise
B-6. The wreck of the number nine
B-5. My rough and rowdy ways
B-4. Willie Moore
B-3. Listening to the rain
B-2. Big spike hammer
B-1. Whistlin' Rufus / Ragtime Annie
A-17. Matty Groves
A-16. Katie Morey
A-15. Georgie
A-14. Blue railroad train
A-13. Tennessee stud
A-12. Southbound
A-11. Dream of the miner's child
A-10. Little Sadie
A-9. Weary blues
A-8. Country blues
A-7. Black Mountain rag
A-6. Sitting on top of the world
A-5. Anniversary blue yodel (Blue yodel #7)
A-4. The wagoner's lad
A-3. The house carpenter
A-2. St. Louis blues
A-1. The cyclone of Rye Cove