Two shades of bluegrass

Bill Clifton & the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band

Label:BACM N7-3015
Release Date:2013
Country:United Kingdom
BG Unlimited:2013-11
County Sales:#326

Song Information:

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28. There ain't nobody gonna miss me
27. Mary dear
26. Little whitewashed chimney
25. Motherless children gets a hard time
24. Stoney's waltz
23. Boll Weevil
22. Whistlin' Rufus
21. There ain't no bugs on me
20. Sister Lucy Lee
19. Green to grey
18. Life gets tedious don't it?
17. Happy days
16. Wildwood flower
15. The burglar man
14. Peach pickin' time in Georgia
13. Talking guitar blues
12. Feast here tonight
11. Sarah's willijog
10. He's up with the angels now
9. My native home
8. Po' folks (all the time)
7. Night train to Memphis
6. Baby, you done flubbed your dub with me
5. Red wing
4. A dollar down
3. Ridin' on that train
2. Jordan is a hard road to travel
1. Blue eyed Elaine