Carolina memories

Gentlemen of Bluegrass

Label:Pinecastle PRC 1188
Release Date:2014-06-10
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-08
County Sales:#330

Song Information:

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14. It's a lonesome day2:01
13. Tribute to John Duffey3:47
12. Big Jim2:40
11. Old old house2:44
10. Will the roses bloom2:29
9. Father's table grace2:37
8. God's country2:16
7. Keep me from blowing away3:12
6. This morning at nine2:05
5. Amazing grace2:06
4. Traveling kind3:43
3. Waltz of the angle3:56
2. Bluebirds singing2:42
1. Carolina memories2:48