40th anniversary live!

The Primitive Quartet

Label:Mountain Heritage MHR 3200
Release Date:2013
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Introduction
A-2. Jesus came searching
A-3. It's hard to stumble on your knees
A-4. Ye must be born again
A-5. The only fire I'll ever feel
A-6. Thank you for saving me
A-7. Group introductions
A-8. He will set your fields on fire
A-9. I am going there
A-10. I am going there (reprise)
A-11. Empty me Lord
A-11. When He beckons me home
A-12. Just look how He found me
A-13. He included me
A-14. He included me (encore)
B-1. Silver and gold
B-2. Must I go, and empty handed
B-3. Bound for that city
B-4. Where we'll never grow old
B-5. Heaven's bright shore
B-6. When I get home
B-7. My hope in the blood
B-8. The walls came tumbling down (Joshua)
B-9. I want to stroll over Heaven