My big chance tomorrow

Edgar Loudermilk

Label:Mountain Fever MFR 131008
Release Date:2013
Country:United States
County Sales:#327

Song Information:

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1. Town of Shady Green3:35
2. That little girl of mine in Carolina3:17
3. Man in the hole2:35
4. In the arms of anyone but me3:20
5. She's got all that we need2:52
6. Chances3:17
7. Out looking for you3:26
8. To Uncle Sam and Mr. Wall Street3:15
9. Wash out my heart3:21
10. Two hearts after one2:32
11. Hobos time1:49
12. I never knew you at all3:19
13. What you do to me3:16
14. Blue lonesome blue3:31
15. We are travelers here2:41