Aragon Mill : the bluegrass sessions

Si Kahn & the Looping Brothers

Label:Strictly Country SCR 72
Release Date:2013-08-27
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-03

Song Information:

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15. What will I leave3:08
14. Gone, gonna rise again2:42
13. To hear Doc Watson play3:07
12. Blue Ridge Mountain refugee2:57
11. When the morning breaks3:53
10. Tarpaper shacks4:39
9. Brookside strike3:06
8. Hilda3:23
7. Sailing to Alaska3:38
6. Sunday evening3:11
5. Rock me, roll me4:03
4. Goodbye Monday blues2:07
3. Wild rose of the mountain3:15
2. Aragon Mill3:04
1. Five days a week2:51