Golden blue grass highlight. Vol. 2

Various artists

Label:RCA (Japan) RA 5192
Release Date:196-?

Song Information:

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A-1. I'll never change my mindLonesome Pine Fiddlers
A-2. My brown eyed darlingLonesome Pine Fiddlers
A-3. Dirty dishes bluesLonesome Pine Fiddlers
A-4. Five string ragLonesome Pine Fiddlers
A-5. I'll never make you blueLonesome Pine Fiddlers
A-6. Honky tonk bluesLonesome Pine Fiddlers
A-7. You're no goodLonesome Pine Fiddlers
B-1. Another old dog in the raceCountry Pardners (Ohio)
B-2. The maple on the hillCountry Pardners (Ohio)
B-3. You'll forgetCountry Pardners (Ohio)
B-4. Ever-ready kissesCountry Pardners (Ohio)
B-5. Pleasure kissesCountry Pardners (Ohio)
B-6. I chose the wrong girlCountry Pardners (Ohio)
B-7. Have mercy on youCountry Pardners (Ohio)