Country style gospel songs

Sister Foye Turner & others, featuring Clarence Jackson

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 124
Release Date:1961
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Somebody touched me
A-2. I stand alone
A-3. God's little house of prayer
A-4. Lord, don't pass me by
A-5. Wonderful Jesus
A-6. Dark and lonely hours
A-7. Death's dark valley
A-8. What at my door is standing
A-9. Gather buds
A-10. When the world's on fire
A-11. Honey on the rock
B-1. Hallelujah! Jesus is coming again
B-2. Jesus hold my hand
B-3. I dreamed I searched Heaven for you
B-4. Back back slider
B-5. Searching
B-6. Mother's boy
B-7. Jesus row the boat ashore
B-8. The Lord watches over me
B-9. Jesus cares
B-10. You'd better walk that road to glory
B-11. One step beyond