Rural Rhythm presents G. M. Farley

G. M. Farley

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 128
Release Date:1961
Country:United States ID: 5722131

Song Information:

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A-1. The Devil's train2:13
A-2. Old time religion1:40
A-3. Something got hold of me2:00
A-4. He is so good to me1:59
A-5. A tramp on the street2:40
A-6. Jesus died for me1:30
A-7. Cup of loneliness1:26
A-8. The old account1:39
A-9. Oh those tombs1:43
A-10. When I take my vacation in Heaven2:50
B-1. We shall rise1:30
B-2. Will the circle be unbroken1:19
B-3. I'll be satisfied1:32
B-4. Jesus stooped and lifted me1:20
B-5. Thy burdens are greater than mine2:00
B-6. The heart that was broken for me1:45
B-7. What would you give3:15
B-8. Master's bouquet2:03
B-9. Born to love the Lord2:17
B-10. Life's railway to Heaven3:00