Heart warming recitations

Clarence Jackson & Mutt Poston

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 129
Release Date:1961
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-12. Compensation
B-11. The drunkard's 23rd Psalm
B-10. Just for today
B-9. Believe in prayer
B-8. Remembered
B-7. God is living
B-6. To the shut in
B-5. Today
B-4. A prayer that God will bless
B-3. Daddy couldn't answer
B-2. A mother's prayer
B-1. Should you go first
A-12. If Jesus came to your house
A-11. Jesus simple plan of salvation
A-10. To mother
A-9. Consolation
A-8. True holiness
A-7. With a friend
A-6. The tongue
A-5. Not growing old
A-4. Always hope
A-3. The bar
A-2. Mother's gone
A-1. If you will think about mother