Poor mountain home


Label:Poor Mountain No #
Release Date:2013
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-07

Song Information:

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13. Will you be lonesome too?3:11
Composer:Alton Delmore
12. The spirit of Hodem Mountain3:14
Composer:Mike Evans
11. Call His name2:07
Composer:Mike Evans
10. Some old day2:56
Composer:Louise Certain-Gladys Stacey
9. Wait a minute4:12
Composer:Herb Pedersen
8. Walking the floor over you3:15
Composer:Ernest Tubb
7. Blue Ridge cabin home2:44
Composer:Louise Certain-Gladys Stacey
6. Who shot JR4:05
Composer:Bruce Jones
5. Today I started loving you again4:31
Composer:Merle R. Haggard-Bonnie Owens
4. Lorraine3:18
Composer:Jason Davis
3. Things my daddy told me3:58
Composer:Mark "Brink" Brinkman-Mike Evans
2. Home4:43
Composer:William Fredrick Lehner-Andrew Richard Spooner
1. I can't bare the thought of losing you2:50
Composer:Mike Evans