Great big world

Tony Trischka

Label:Rounder 9143
Release Date:2014-02-04
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-12
   Amazon ASIN: B00HAH7IVK
   Google Play: Bwvipq7kqzm37kjbwusessjxc7y

Song Information:

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1. Say goodbye (for KM)3:06
2. Do re mi3:11
3. The Danny Thomas5:05
4. Promontory Point3:20
5. Single string melody7:13
6. Angelina Baker
6. Belated wedding hoedown4:06
7. Ocracoke lullabye3:16
8. Great big world7:07
8. Purple trees of Colorado
9. Joy3:30
10. I wonder where you are tonight3:29
11. Lost2:54
12. Wild Bill Hickok5:10
13. Swag bag rag2:40