A tribute to the Delmore Brothers

Ritchey Brothers

Label:Rural Rhythm RRRB 196
Release Date:196-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Sand Mountain blues
A-2. Nashville blues
A-3. Blues stay away from me
A-4. Blue Ridge Mountain home
A-5. Southern moon
A-6. Mountain laurel
A-7. When it's time for the whippoorwill to sing
A-8. Alabama lullaby
A-9. Pretty flowers
A-10. God put a rainbow in the clouds
A-11. Down yonder
B-1. Gonna lay down my old guitar
B-2. Trailing arbutus
B-3. On the Mississippi shore
B-4. Kentucky
B-5. Weary lonesome blues
B-6. Fallen leaf waltz
B-7. Code of the mountains
B-8. Sweet bunch of daisies
B-9. Sorry I caused you to cry
B-10. Heavenly light is shining on me