Spirit of the Rockies

Krüger Brothers

Label:double time DTM 024
Release Date:2014-01-08
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-09

Song Information:

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21. For all the ties that bind4:33
20. The spirit of the Rockies1:41
19. In her arms2:25
18. Through ice and snow1:34
17. Above the timber line4:20
16. The lake4:31
15. Of darkness and of light3:27
14. Fare thee well, my friend2:23
13. The turning of the wheel3:17
12. I will find a way2:08
11. My love is true3:39
10. Forests deep and valleys wide2:52
9. The winds we ride2:27
8. As in so many dreams2:36
7. Yet I am alive2:03
6. This is me3:13
5. Into the stormy night2:11
4. There came a howling gale1:36
3. Spellbound1:56
2. A man and his story3:51
1. Prelude to a journey4:38