Sacred songs. Vol. 2

Brown's Ferry Four

Label:King 590
Release Date:2014
Country:United States
County Sales:#329

Song Information:

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16. There's a page in the Bible1:52
15. We should walk together3:00
14. Jesus hold my hand2:51
13. I'll meet you in the morning2:51
12. Throne eternal2:44
11. When He calls his reapers2:39
10. I'm naturalized for Heaven2:55
9. When He blessed my soul2:00
8. Over in the glory land2:01
7. When the good Lord cares2:04
6. Hallelujah morning2:04
5. Everybody will be happy over there2:02
4. The Lord is watching over me2:05
3. If we never meet again3:01
2. Just a little talk with Jesus2:47
1. Will the circle be unbroken2:06