Something old & something new in bluegrass

Stan Dudley & Les Woodie & the Bluegrass 1

Label:Lark 3030
Release Date:1978
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1979-05

Song Information:

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A-1. Going back to old Virginia2:55
Composer:Stan Dudley
A-2. Blue Ridge mandolin1:40
Composer:Junior Colllins
A-3. Today has been a lonesome day4:21
Composer:Delmore Bros.
A-4. It's over between us2:49
Composer:Delma Jean Walden
A-5. Uncle Joe3:17
Composer:E. Adcock
A-6. Leatherwood1:44
Composer:Les Woodie
B-1. Oh, how I miss you2:39
B-2. Walking across the mountain1:56
Composer:Bascom Hicks
B-3. Mother's gone2:23
Composer:Delma Jean Walden
B-4. You'll find her name written there3:08
Composer:Harold Hensley
B-5. B.J. the D.J.2:38
Composer:H. Lewis
B-6. Banks of the Ohio3:10
Composer:J. Farrar