Hook, live & sinker


Label:Chesterbury CR 001
Release Date:2014-04-19
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-09

Song Information:

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1. By the side of the road
2. Coleen Malone3:27
3. Ginseng Sullivan3:28
4. Georgia3:06
5. The sould of man never dies3:50
6. Song for a winter's night3:12
7. Cypress jam3:24
8. Song for the life1:55
9. I'm working on a building4:37
10. California earthquake4:48
11. Bill Cheatham's tasteless walk on the wild side of5:18
12. White dove3:57
13. Red Georgia clay4:05
14. Like I used to do2:24
15. My window faces the South4:39
16. Bartender's blues2:43
17. Soldier's joy3:12
18. John Hardy3:22
19. Train of love3:39
20. Treasures untold3:23