Early country songs (plus a touch of bluegrass)

Jim Eanes

Label:Barnyard LP 5201

Song Information:

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1. Kiss me! Kiss me!2:15
1. Little brown hand2:23
2. Don't go lookin' for trouble2:09
2. It's a shame2:26
3. Rose garden waltz2:32
3. Take this broken heart2:42
4. The beginning of the end2:37
4. I'd love to be your darling2:29
5. In a little Spanish restaurant2:24
5. Wiggle worm wiggle2:30
6. Between the lines2:13
6. I cried again3:02
7. Gloomy tomorrow2:32
7. When the one that you love is in love with you2:27
8. Plunkin' ragJim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Boys 2:30
8. Ridin' the wavesJim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Boys 2:17