Log cabin in the lane

Jim Eanes

Label:Highland Music HLP 388
Release Date:1989
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Log cabin in the lane
A-2. Road of no return
Composer:Jim Eanes
A-3. Your old standby
Composer:Wade Perry
A-4. Bending the strings
Composer:Jim Eanes-Alan Shelton
A-5. Blue Sunday
Composer:Jim Eanes
A-6. I'm living once again
Composer:Cub McGee
B-1. A heart that's satisfied
Composer:Jim Eanes
B-2. I wouldn't change you if I could
Composer:Jim Eanes
B-3. You made me what I am
Composer:Jim Eanes
B-4. Dine-e-o
B-5. There'll come a time
B-6. I've had enough
Composer:Jim Eanes