Volume 2

Nate Leath & Friends

Label:Patuxent CD 244
Release Date:2014-01-16
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2015-02
County Sales:#332
   Amazon ASIN: B00ICBWUY8
   Google Play: B6xft372auwhq2pfedp6yaddkvm

Song Information:

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1. Spider shoe3:21
2. Jark's march3:07
3. Jimmy Sutton2:09
4. Wildwood flower3:55
5. Roses in the morning2:37
6. Molly put the kettle on2:36
7. Brown's dream3:34
8. Sail away ladies2:21
9. Run Mountain2:34
10. Le mystique du boulanger2:27
11. One morning in May4:16
12. Lizard on a leash2:42
13. Down in the swamp4:47
14. Foggy dawn3:12
15. Polly's old time country waltz5:32
16. Sally Ann4:29