He's everything I need

Easter Brothers & the Green Valley Quartet

Label:Commandment LP 800
Release Date:1972
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. He's everything I need4:08
Composer:Easter Brothers
A-2. He picked me up3:22
Composer:Myrtle Easter
A-3. I'll be singing up there2:11
Composer:Easter Brothers
A-4. Now I have everything2:43
A-5. The apple tree5:47
B-1. Take your shoes off Moses2:22
B-2. The tormented stranger2:34
Composer:Ronald Thomas
B-3. The hypocrite2:07
Composer:Johnny Taylor
B-4. There's a better life2:12
Composer:Easter Brothers
B-5. Too much to gain to lose2:39
B-6. Every minute means a mile2:04
Composer:Russell Easter
B-7. God forgive me when I whine3:49