Old time power

David Peterson

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2015
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2015-10
County Sales:#337
   Amazon ASIN: B016C9BQLO

Song Information:

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1. There is power in the blood3:13
2. I'll never go back2:52
3. Love lifted me3:04
4. Trials, troubles, tribulations3:27
5. Old time power2:43
6. Mother prays loud in her sleep3:41
7. We'll understand it better2:32
8. Just a closer walk with Thee4:05
9. Go tell it on the mountain2:30
10. A glorious church2:36
11. If I could hear my mother pray again3:26
12. I dreamed I searched Heaven for you4:25
13. Springs of living water2:46
14. Mansion over the hilltop3:58
15. Revelation chapter 54:26