A Forbes Family treasury. Vol. 1

The Forbes Family

Label:Rebel REB-CD 7525
Release Date:2015-11-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2015-12
County Sales:#340
   Amazon ASIN: B008E588HK

Song Information:

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1. It is I, be not afraid2:56
2. Two roads2:18
3. Jesus gave me water2:19
4. The other side of life2:29
5. My rock1:52
6. Lord, I'll be loving you2:56
7. The whale swallowed Jonah1:32
8. The prettiest flowers will be blooming2:44
9. It's just like Heaven1:52
10. Sacred memories2:37
11. Fill my way every day with love2:33
12. A vision of mother3:25
13. Living in the name of love2:14
14. I need Jesus2:38
15. Blessed assurance3:14
16. Something that the world didn't give me3:03
17. Talk about suffering2:34
18. In my robe of white2:36