A Forbes Family treasury. Vol. 2

The Forbes Family

Label:Rebel REB-CD 7526
Release Date:2015-11-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2015-12
   Amazon ASIN: B008E5834S

Song Information:

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1. Gleams of that golden morning2:53
2. Lord, don' leave me here2:10
3. The old ship of Zion2:46
4. Lord, stay near2:37
5. Jesus, I'll never forget1:41
6. Come unto me2:27
7. Gloryland3:30
8. Just over yonder2:53
9. Softly and tenderly2:37
10. I'm just a pilgrim2:52
11. I have a Father who can1:50
12. Daddy, I miss you at home3:00
13. Things I used to do2:37
14. When I'm sleeping in the grave4:13
15. Feel like my time ain't long2:12
16. Satan's jeweled crown4:18
17. You never mentioned Him to me3:37
18. I just want to thank you Lord3:56