Bluegrass class of 1990

Various artists

Label:Rounder C AN 07
Release Date:1990
Country:United States
Barcode:011661850743 ID: 7699857
   Amazon ASIN: B0000004DB

Song Information:

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A-1. Lost and I'll never find my wayRicky Skaggs 2:01
Instruments:Peter Rowan-g; Marc Pruett-bj; Ricky Skaggs-m; Bobby Hicks-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Joe Allen-sb
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-L; Peter Rowan-H
A-2. I'll love nobody but youJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:15
Instruments:Jim McReynolds-g; Jesse McReynolds-m; Allen Shelton-bj; Glen Duncan-f; Roy Huskey-sb
Vocals:Jim McReynolds-V; Jesse McReynolds-V
A-3. Let the whole world talkThe Johnson Mountain Boys 2:37
Recording Date:1983-04-05
Composer:J.D. Miller
Place:Birchmere, Alexandria, VA
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Richard Underwood-bj; David McLaughlin-m/f; Eddie Stubbs-f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:D. Connell-L; R. Underwood-H; D. McLaughlin-H; E. Stubbs-H
A-4. Love you in vainAlison Krauss & Union Station 2:18
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Mike Harman-bj; Brent Truitt-m; Alison Krauss-f; John Pennell-bs
Vocals:Alison Krauss-L/H; Jeff White-L/H; Mike Harman-H
A-5. Bitter greenTony Rice 2:43
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Sam Bush-m; Vassar Clements-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; Kate Wolf-H
A-6. Feast here tonightDavid Grisman 2:30
Instruments:Doc Watson-g; David Grisman-m
Vocals:Doc Watson-L; Ricky Skaggs-T
A-7. Old devil's dreamThe Nashville Bluegrass Band 2:31
Instruments:Pat Enright-g; Alan O'Bryant-bj; Mike Compton-m; Stuart Duncan-f; Mark Hembree-sb
Vocals:Pat Enright-L
A-8. What was I supposed to doLynn Morris 2:48
Instruments:Lynn Morris-g; Tom Adams-bj; Ronnie McCoury-m; Ray Legere-f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Lynn Morris-L; Marshall Wilborn-H
A-9. Leather britchesSam Bush 3:40
Instruments:Norman Blake-g; Sam Bush-m
A-10. Old home placeJ. D. Crowe 2:42
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; J. D. Crowe-bj; Ricky Skaggs-m/f; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Bobby Slone-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; Ricky Skaggs-T; J. D. Crowe-B
A-11. Devil, take the farmerDry Branch Fire Squad 3:50
Instruments:Ron Thomason-g; John Hisey-bj; Dave Edmundson-f; Dick Erwin-sb
Vocals:Ron Thomason-L; Dave Edmundson-T; M. J. Leet-H
A-12. Mansion on the hillThe Whitstein Brothers 2:18
Instruments:Robert Whitstein-g; Charles Whitstein-m/tg
Vocals:Robert Whitstein-L; Charles Whitstein-T
B-1. Fiddler's dream / Whiskey before breakfastNorman Blake & Tony Rice 4:40
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Norman Blake-m
B-2. This old houseThe Rice Brothers 4:56
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Wyatt Rice-g; Larry Rice-m; Ricky Simpkins-f/vla; Jerry Douglas-db; Ron Rice-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-V; Larry Rice-V; Jon Carrol-V
B-3. Foolish heartAlison Krauss 3:27
Instruments:Lonnie Meeker-g; Tony Trischka-bj; Sam Bush-m; Alison Krauss-f; Roy Huskey-sb
Vocals:Alison Krauss-L; Dave Denman-H
B-4. WhitewaterB?la Fleck 3:07
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Bela Fleck-bj; Stuart Duncan-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Mark Schatz-sb
B-5. Preaching, praying, singingBluegrass Album Band 2:33
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; J. D. Crowe-lg; Doyle Lawson-m; Vassar Clements-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Mark Schatz-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; Doyle Lawson-L/T; J. D. Crowe-B; Jerry Douglas-BS
B-6. Don't worryThe Johnson Mountain Boys 2:57
Recording Date:1986-11-17
Composer:Marty Robbins
Place:Bias Recording Co., Springfield, VA
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Tom Adams-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:D. Connell-L; D. McLaughlin-V; M. Wilborn-V; D. McLaughlin-V
B-7. John HenryTony Furtado 2:41
Instruments:Jim Nunally-g; Tony Furtado-bj; Joe Craven-m; Mike Marshall-f; Rob Ickes-db; Todd Phillips-sb
B-8. I ain't broke but I'm badly benDavid Grisman 1:55
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Bill Keith-bj; David Grisman-m; Vassar Clements-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-L
B-9. Greenlight on the SouthernTony Rice 3:24
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Wyatt Rice-g; Jimmy Gaudreau-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Mark Schatz-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; Mark Schatz-H
B-10. No hiding placeThe Nashville Bluegrass Band 2:48
Instruments:Pat Enright-g; Alan O'Bryant-bj; Mike Compton-m; Stuart Duncan-f; Mike Hembree-sb
Vocals:Alan O'Bryant-L; Pat Enright-T; Mike Compton-B; Mike Hembree-BS