Rounder folk 2

Various artists

Label:Rounder AN 05
Release Date:198-?
Country:United States ID: 3908147

Song Information:

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A-4. Cold on the shoulderTony Rice 2:33
B-2. Bullfrog shuffleB?la Fleck 1:25
B-3. Up above my headThe Nashville Bluegrass Band 1:58
B-4. The waves on the seaThe Johnson Mountain Boys 4:00
Recording Date:1982-12-01
Place:Bias Recording Co., Springfield, VA
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Richard Underwood-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Larry Robbins-sb
Vocals:D. Connell-V; R. Underwood-V; D. McLaughlin-V; E. Stubbs-V