Fiddle tunes I recall

Lyman Enloe with the Bluegrass Association

Label:Cavern Custom CCR 41308
Release Date:1973-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1974-02

Song Information:

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A-1. Coming through the rye1:29
A-2. Back in '891:19
A-3. Sunflower hornpipe1:16
A-4. Sugar in the coffee1:06
A-5. Brickyard Joe1:26
A-6. Wake up, Susan1:20
A-7. Waldo1:32
A-8. Fiddler's dream1:16
A-9. Melinda1:54
A-10. Down home rag1:28
A-11. Durham's reel1:33
A-12. Ten nights in a bar room1:18
B-1. Nervous breakdown1:25
B-2. Shaeffer's lumber wagon1:17
B-3. Lost train blues1:31
B-4. Oklahoma redbird1:36
B-5. Fourteen days in Georgia1:32
B-6. Stoney Point1:21
B-7. Chinese breakdown1:30
B-8. Sleepy-eyed Joe1:34
B-9. Old Judge Parker1:19
B-10. Birdie1:30
B-11. Tom and Jerry1:55