Pickin' grinnin' and singin'

Bob Ensign & the Stump Jumpers

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 180
Release Date:1967
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1967-09

Song Information:

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B-11. Flop eared mule1:12
B-10. Muddy water2:19
B-9. Sunshine special1:37
B-8. When you and I were young1:41
B-7. Hand me down my walking cane2:14
B-6. Soft voices1:38
B-5. Wait a little longer please Jesus2:19
B-4. Mike's mountain rock1:45
B-3. Sitting on top of the world2:08
B-2. I'll be all smiles tonight1:22
B-1. New River Train1:55
A-11. Over the waves1:50
A-10. Go home1:39
A-9. Tears in my eyes2:01
A-8. Home sweet home1:27
A-7. Don't be angry with me2:25
A-6. Spinning wheel1:39
A-5. Love please come home1:53
A-4. Wreck of Old 971:07
A-3. Broken marriage vows2:18
A-2. Old Joe Clark1:05
A-1. Each season changes you2:35