Heartbreaker : a bluegrass tribute to JoDee Messina

CMH Studio Band

Label:CMH CD 9054
Release Date:2005-08-23
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000A2H9S4

Song Information:

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1. My give a damn's busted2:41
2. Delicious surprise (I believe it)2:20
3. It gets better4:37
4. That's the way2:54
5. No time for tears2:57
6. Bye bye3:16
7. Burn3:02
8. You're not in Kansas anymore2:42
9. Bring on the rain3:07
10. Downtime3:29
11. Stand beside me3:23
12. Heads Carolina, tails California3:45
13. I'm alright3:05