Kenny & Amanda Smith

Label:Farm Boy FBR 1004
Release Date:2016-09-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2017-02
County Sales:#343
   Amazon ASIN: B01LWIF9PV
   Google Play: Bbjcnuvnqsy2335h3b4tjisuy2a

Song Information:

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1. You know that I would3:54
2. Nightbird3:31
3. Unbound2:56
4. I don't want to fall2:47
5. Something missing4:51
6. Wherefore and why3:50
7. Hills of Logan County4:37
8. Reaching out3:20
9. Preaching my own funeral3:47
10. Every pilgrim needs a highway3:32
11. There was a time3:33
12. Getting used to the pain3:03
13. Tea party3:58