The art of the five-string banjo

Billy Faier

Label:Riverside (New York) RLP 12-813
Release Date:1958-01
Country:United States ID: 4255576

Song Information:

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A-1. The rakes of Mallow
A-2. H'Kotsrim
A-3. Green corn
A-4. Garryowen/MacLeod's reel/Haste to the wedding
A-5. Yugoslav Kolo
A-6. High Barbary
A-7. Spanish fandango
A-8. The last of Callahan
B-1. Farewell blues
B-2. Dance of the spanish fly
B-3. Three jelly rogues
B-4. Sailor's hornpipe
B-5. The wren song
B-6. Greek dance
B-7. The Darby ram
B-8. Lute song for five-string banjo