World's greatest banjo picker

Raymond Fairchild

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 256
Release Date:1976
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Black Mountain rag
A-2. Little Joe's special
A-3. To Maggie
A-4. Tom Dooley
A-5. Katy Kline
A-6. Shady Grove
A-7. John Henry
A-8. Reuben
A-9. Bull of the woods
A-10. Camptown races
A-11. I am a pilgrim
B-1. She'll be coming around the mountain
B-2. The sunnyside rag
B-3. Cattle in the corn
B-4. Cindy
B-5. In the summertime
B-6. Old mountain dew
B-7. The great speckled bird
B-8. Old Joe Clark
B-9. Down yonder
B-10. New River train