King of the 5-string banjo

Raymond Fairchild

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 262
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-11

Song Information:

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B-9. Do Lord
B-8. Nobody's business
B-7. New River train
B-6. Pallet on the floor
B-5. Uncle Eph
B-4. Raise a ruckus tonight
B-3. Bring it on down to my house
B-2. John Hardy
B-1. St. Louis blues
A-9. Liberty
A-8. Hell among the yearlings
A-7. Wreck of the old 97
A-6. Carroll County blues
A-5. Ragtime Annie
A-4. Mocking bird
A-3. Silver bells
A-2. Bonapart's retreat
A-1. Just because