King of the Smokey Mountain banjo players

Raymond Fairchild

Label:Rural Rhythm RRRF 254
Release Date:1972
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1972-12

Song Information:

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A-1. Whoa mule
A-2. Carolina breakdown
A-3. Orange Blossom Special
A-4. Turkey in the straw
A-5. Little darling pal
A-6. McKinley's White House blues
A-7. Blue grass bugle
A-8. Lonesome road blues
A-9. False hearted love
A-10. Nine pound hammer
A-11. Old Joe Clark
A-12. McCormick's picnic
A-13. Red wing
A-14. Cripple Creek
A-15. Girl I left behind me
A-16. Under the double eagle
B-1. Raymond's talking banjo
B-2. Cotton eyed Joe
B-3. Banjo fling
B-4. Cumberland Gap
B-5. Raymond's banjo boogie
B-6. Crooked Creek
B-7. Boil them cabbage down
B-8. Pretty Polly
B-9. Leaning on Jesus
B-10. Sugar foot rag
B-11. Train Forty-Five
B-12. Earl's breakdown
B-13. Cindy
B-14. Red River valley
B-15. John Hardy