Smokey Mountain banjo

Raymond Fairchild with Eddie George

Label:Paradise P S 1001
Release Date:1974
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Smokey Mountain breakdownRaymond Fairchild 2:10
Composer:R. Fairchild
A-2. Double banjo bluesRaymond Fairchild 3:10
Composer:R. Fairchild
A-3. Orange Blossom SpecialRaymond Fairchild 2:18
Composer:E. Rouse
A-4. Old spinning wheelRaymond Fairchild 2:23
Composer:B. Hill
A-5. Whoa muleRaymond Fairchild 3:02
B-1. Red wingRaymond Fairchild 2:03
Composer:Comills-T. Chattaway
B-2. Blue Rock chimesRaymond Fairchild 2:10
Composer:R. Fairchild
B-3. Lil' ZaneRaymond Fairchild 2:28
Composer:R. Fairchild
B-4. Banjo in the backwoodsRaymond Fairchild 2:01
Composer:R. Fairchild
B-5. Home sweet homeRaymond Fairchild 2:07