22 all-time favorites

Sandy Posey

Label:King KG 0356-4
Release Date:2004
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000A2VODU

Song Information:

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A-1. Put your arms around me3:58
A-2. Beautiful isle of somewhere4:10
A-3. Didn't leave nobody but the baby3:48
A-4. Carry me back to old Virginia4:32
A-5. Down to the river to pray3:05
A-6. Frankie & Johnnie4:12
A-7. It don't fit anymore2:44
A-8. When Johnny comes marching home2:41
A-9. 18 wheels hummin' Home sweet home2:52
A-10. My country 'tis of thee2:03
A-11. Give me the roses while I live2:22
B-1. I never will marry3:22
B-2. Walk that lonesome valley3:52
B-3. Picture turned toward the wall3:48
B-4. Grand old flag1:54
B-5. Wayfaring stranger3:13
B-6. Honey hungry3:17
B-7. Hello central give me Heaven3:27
B-8. Marine hymn2:59
B-9. Will there be any stars in my crown3:42
B-10. Take me out to the ball game2:30
B-11. Dixie4:08