Earth & wood

Tyler Grant

Label:Grant Central GCR 1602
Release Date:2016-10-07
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2017-02
   Amazon ASIN: B01LY66EDN
   Google Play: Bdgrqez4zsnle3bxxyyi55ltfje

Song Information:

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1. Last day on the job3:28
2. Pick it3:51
3. Evening turns to ashes4:03
4. Cattle in the cane3:07
5. West Texas wind4:03
6. Shove that pig's foot a little further into the fi3:16
7. Believe (Nobody knows)4:56
8. The old time country guitar2:09
9. Sweet talking angel5:02
10. Tyler trail2:46
11. Huckleberry hornpipe2:38
12. One town one tune3:08
13. Dill pickle rag2:25
14. I'd rather live by the side of the road3:08