In the ground

The Gibson Brothers (New York)

Label:Rounder 00173
Release Date:2017-02-17
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2017-06
   Amazon ASIN: B01NBFF83Y
   Google Play: B7vexylcw2s4sswir5foiy3b4pi

Song Information:

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1. Highway3:05
2. Homemade wine3:11
3. Remember who you are2:59
4. Making good time3:05
5. My quiet mind4:07
6. I can't breathe deep yet3:32
7. Fool's hill3:29
8. Friend of mine2:57
9. Little girl4:11
10. I found a church today2:42
11. Look who's crying3:39
12. Everywhere I go4:01
13. In the ground4:55