Mountains of Music Homecoming 2015 : the live concert recordings

Various artists

Label:Crooked Road TCR 002
Release Date:2016
Country:United States

Song Information:

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2. Big spike hammerThe Boxcars
Instruments:Keith Garrett-g; Ron Stewart-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Gary Hultman-db; Harold Nixon-bs
Vocals:Keith Garrett-L; Gary Hultman-T; Adam Steffey-B
3. Lonesome pineBlue Highway
Instruments:Tim Stafford-g; Jason Burleson-bj; Shawn Lane-m; Rob Ickes-db; Wayne Taylor-bs
Vocals:Wayne Taylor-L; Tim Stafford-LT; Shawn Lane-B
6. Fair and tender ladiesThe Seldom Scene
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Ben Eldridge-bj; Lou Reid-m; Fred Travers-db; Ronnie Simpkins-sb
Vocals:Dudley Connell-LV1/TC; Lou Reid-LV2/HLC; Fred Travers-LV3/BC
8. Pluckin' the henClose Kin
Composer:Ashleigh Caudill
Instruments:Jared Boyd-g; Clay Russell-bj; Willow Dragon-clawhammer bj; Catherine Conner-m; Kathleen Burnett-f; David Chrisley-bs
11. BluefieldRalph Stanley II
Composer:Stonewall Jackson
Instruments:Ralph Stanley II-g; Alex Leach-bj; John Rigsby-m; Noah Brown-bs
Vocals:Ralph Stanley II-V
14. Little MaggieJeff Brown & Still Lonesome
Instruments:Jeff Brown-g; Eli Gilbert-bj; Nick Goad-m; Kyle Murphy-f; Austin Brown-bs
Vocals:Jeff Brown-V
16. Pike County breakdownBilly Baker & Bluegrass Kinsmen
Composer:Bill Monroe
Instruments:Billy Baker-f; Ervin Compton-g; Ebby Jewell-bj; Ryan Lester-m; Dean Jackson-lg; Ricky Kennedy-bs
18. Somebody's missing youLonesome River Band
Composer:Ginger Boatwright
Instruments:Sammy Shelor-bj; Brandon Rickman-g; Randy Jones-m; Mike Hartgrove-f; Barry Reed-bs
Vocals:Randy Jones-LV/TC; Brandon Rickman-LC; Sammy Shelor-B