Dim lights, thick smoke and hillbilly music (Country & western hit parade ; 1959)

Various artists

Label:Bear Family BCD 16964 AR
Release Date:2010-11-15
   Discogs.com ID: 5703599

Song Information:

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13. Cabin on the hillLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:31
18. Jimmy Brown the newsboyMac Wiseman 2:11
19. Knoxville girlThe Louvin Brothers 3:51
20. Dark as the night, blue as the dayBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:32
Recording Date:1959-01-30
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:10594 / 106541
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Vernon Crawford 'Jack' Cooke-g; Robert Lee 'Buddy' Pennington-bj; Bobby Hicks-f; Charles Smith-f; Bessie Lee Mauldin-sb
Vocals:B. Monroe-L
21. There's a big wheelWilma Lee & Stoney Cooper 2:23
Recording Date:1959-08-28
Composer:Don Gibson
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-g; Stoney Cooper-f; James 'Jimmy' Elrod-bj; George Washington McCormick-g; Walter L. 'Hank' 'Sugarfoot' Garland-eg; Benny Edward Martin-f/g; Howard White, Jr.-sg; Joseph S. 'Joe' Zinkan-sb; Murrey M. 'Buddy' Harman-d
Vocals:W. L. Cooper-L; S. Cooper-H
26. Dark hollowJimmie Skinner 2:03