In all honesty

The Stonemans

Label:RCA Victor LPVS 1089
Release Date:1970
Country:Venezuela ID: 9359768

Song Information:

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A-1. Proud to be together2:23
Composer:Cathy Manzer-Donna Stoneman
A-2. Who'll stop the rain2:09
Composer:John Fogerty
A-3. I'll be here in the morning2:55
Composer:Townes Van Zandt
A-4. According to the plan2:42
Composer:George Hemrick-Roni Stoneman
A-5. Hang them all2:33
Composer:Tom T. Hall
B-1. Colossus2:09
Composer:Donna Stoneman
B-2. Six white horses1:53
Composer:Clyde Moody
B-3. Don't look now (It ain't you or me)2:20
Composer:John Fogerty
B-4. Somebody's waiting for me2:35
Composer:William York
B-5. Let's get together2:14
Composer:Chet Powers