Hard times in the county

Floyd County Boys

Label:Sonyatone ST 1003
Release Date:1977
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-08

Song Information:

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B-7. Long gone2:21
B-6. Sunny Tennessee2:48
B-5. Cattle call2:46
B-4. Up this hill and down2:51
B-3. Deep Elem blues2:46
B-2. We used to waltz together3:42
Composer:Todd Grant
B-1. Just because2:36
A-8. Cryin' holy unto the Lord2:20
A-7. Wild Bill Jones2:29
A-6. New Camptown races2:17
A-5. Darling pal of mine2:22
A-4. Brand new pair of shoes2:02
Composer:Todd Grant & Charles Flannery
A-3. Pickin' under the willow2:45
Composer:Charles Flannery
A-2. Shackles and chains2:23
A-1. Hard times in the county3:02
Composer:Todd Grant