Through the years : favorite songs and requests

Bluegrass Patriots

Label:Red Feather RF 004
Release Date:2017-02-17
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B06XNNR14V
   Google Play: Bw5f2dv2nprf36fra6ed7jmsnze

Song Information:

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1. When we were barefoot kids so long ago3:15
2. The last waltz3:06
3. Wave goodbye3:02
4. Bound in sorrow2:58
5. Longing for the Ozarks2:26
6. When you and I were young Maggie4:22
7. Mean woman2:52
8. More and more3:13
9. Sparkling brown eyes2:21
10. Put my little shoes away3:50
11. Big Sandy River2:49
12. Wild wild rose3:45
13. Loggin' man2:11
14. You're running wild2:26
15. Falling in love2:27
16. Trail of the lonesome pine2:18
17. Tom Horn2:41
18. Springtime in the Rockies3:23
19. Dreams about the hills of home2:49
20. Someone new3:17
21. Streets of Baltimore3:04
22. The captain1:59