Hillbilly heroes


Label:Mountain Fever MFR 170602
Release Date:2017-06-02
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2017-11
   Discogs.com ID: 11643856
   Amazon ASIN: B073LYNYL9
   Google Play: Bxfp4t3nxjqknf72ikqoj7x3n4u

Song Information:

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1. Don't ever cross a moonshine man3:58
Composer:Dave Carroll
2. Hillbilly heroes3:45
Composer:Dave Carroll-Scott Tackett
3. Scorcher Carroll's farm4:12
Composer:Dave Carroll
4. The dream4:32
Composer:Bill Castle
5. The roof is coming down3:58
Composer:Dave Carroll-Ronnie King
6. Louisville rambler3:27
Composer:Jerry Dill; Unpublished
7. I'm lonely for my only3:39
Composer:Del McCoury
8. Rainy old river town3:43
Composer:Evan Maynard
9. Bluer by the minute3:13
Composer:Dave Carroll-Kyle Burnett
10. Wicked woman2:52
Composer:Bryan Scott Russell
11. A day in the life of the one I left behind3:38
Composer:Dave Carroll
12. Lights & sirens3:37
Composer:Brent Pack