The Forbes Family

Forbes Family

Label:LifeLine LP 5020
Release Date:1982
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1983-08

Song Information:

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A-1. Get down on your knees and pray2:54
Composer:Homer Forbes
A-2. Satisfied3:32
Composer:Matt Hess
A-3. I have a father who can1:50
Composer:Marshall Family
A-4. Sacred memories2:36
Composer:Dolly Parton
A-5. It's just like heaven1:53
Composer:Country Gentlemen
B-1. Lord, don't leave me here2:10
Composer:Country Gentlemen
B-2. No shortage3:02
Composer:Gary Paxton
B-3. Keep looking upward2:13
Composer:Homer Forbes
B-4. I'll look to Him1:46
Composer:Homer Forbes
B-5. You never mentioned Him to me3:31
Composer:J.W. Gaines-Homer Morris-James Rowe