Carter Stanley's eyes

Peter Rowan

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1861
Release Date:2018-04-20
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2018-07 ID: 12188815
   Amazon ASIN: B079PDJRZ5
   Google Play: Bmtklc4z3rria6jfzyjmdkbok3m

Song Information:

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1. Drumbeats on the watchtower3:49
2. A tiny broken heart2:53
3. The true and trembling brakeman3:16
4. The light in Carter Stanley's eyes2:25
5. Let me love you one more time2:44
6. Hills of Roane County4:18
7. Take my ashes3:49
8. Too late to cry3:11
9. Alabama bound2:16
10. Can't you hear me calling3:48
11. Will you miss me4:47
12. A crown He wore2:44
13. Ridin' that midnight train2:16
14. A vision of mother4:08