Live at the Fret House

Susan Nikas

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2018
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2018-05
   Amazon ASIN: B0788XQ1XV

Song Information:

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1. Goodbye to all that2:47
2. Broken hearts are all the same2:13
3. Cherokee shuffle4:17
4. Love is the source3:14
5. Old familiar melody2:14
6. Love is the blessing4:17
7. Do it all again2:02
8. I wish it would rain3:16
9. One good song3:16
10. Come with me3:13
11. Pity me3:23
12. Been there, done that3:01
13. Love is running out on me2:09
14. Slipping away4:01
15. I am just a stranger4:11
16. Sunrise, moonrise2:58
17. Long, hot bath2:40
18. Red River Valley3:39